5 Lessons Prince We can All Learn From Prince William & Kate’s Relationship

Long before Prince William and Kate’s relationship, the British monarchy has always had some of the finest love stories and things to teach, even with the messy divorce between Diana, Princess of Wales, and Charles, Prince of Wales. For instance, the relationship between King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, the divorced woman he abdicated the throne to marry, taught us that the heart should always come before the crown. Likewise, that of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip taught that support for each other as lovers is very important.

The relationship between Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is presently one of the sweetest to behold in the British monarchy, but that between Prince William and Kate, which has sustained for many years now, is the one that has many things to teach us thus far.

Lessons From Prince William & Kate’s Relationship

Prince William and Kate's Relationship
Prince William, Kate, and their kids (Image Source)

1. Friendship is very important

William and Kate did not first start as lovers when they met for the first time in 2001 at the University of St Andrews where they were both students. At the time, Kate was with someone else, and so they started as friends, allowing it all to grow with time.

As they remained together, they later shared flat together where they stayed with two other friends. It was until 2003, after allowing their friendship to grow and blossom that they began dating.

After dating for seven years with a couple of months apart, they got engaged in October 2010 before finally getting married in April 2011.

2. It is important to respect each other’s differences

Coming in as a commoner, there were a lot of things that were different between Kate and William when they began dating. For example, while he was already used to the press, it was very hard for Kate who at a point felt harassed by the media and paparazzi who always laid “ambush” for her to get photographs.

Apart from the different worlds that they both grew in, Kate and William also have their own differences as individuals. For example, while she is not a fan of motorcycles and even gets terrified when the Duke of Cambridge rides them, that is one thing that Williams loves so much, and so she respects that and allow him to do his thing. In the same way, she has her hobbies which he respects.

3. Don’t be afraid of giving some space

From the outside, it will be easy for one to assume that Prince William and Kate’s relationship has always been a flawless one with both of them always wanting each other around. However, they also have difficult times when they need a little space.

In 2007, while they were still dating, the two felt they needed to have some space from each other and that led them to end the relationship before coming back two months later.  The time they spent away from each other helped them to appreciate each other even more and realize how much they both need each other. More so, at the time, it also helped them to grow stronger as individuals.

4. Have some fun and be playful

For the second man to the British crown, there are those that would not expect Prince William to have much fun and play. However, both himself and Kate have cultivated the time to play and have fun together even as they still maintain their individual interests.

On how they play, William has revealed that while he has a very dirty sense of humor, his better half has a naughty one which has always been much fun for the two. Apart from this, they have cultivated the time to have some outdoor activities and sports, while also enjoying some traveling around the world.

5. Support each other and Loyalty

Probably one of the biggest things we have come to learn from Prince William and Kate’s relationship is the importance of supporting each other. Also the same thing we have seen from Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Kate and William have not only supported each other in the things they do, but there is also loyalty between them.

They support each other in their home with their kids as well as with their involvement in charities among other things. The importance of this is that the support and loyalty is the only thing that can help a couple to become a strong team just as the royal couple.

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