Kerry Katona Biography and Net Worth, Plastic Surgery, Relationships and Affairs

Sometime in 1999, the British all-girl band Atomic Kitten came to public consciousness with its first single Right Now. On the wings of its rise was Kerry Katona who was a member of the band alongside Liz McClamon and Heidi Range.

Since then, Katona who has had a very difficult and complicated upbringing has grown into a household name in the entertainment world as a singer, published author, and media personality.

Kerry Katona Biography and Net Worth

Kerry Katona who is also referred to as Kerry Jayne Elizabeth Kay was born on 6 September 1980 in Warrington, Cheshire, England to Sue Katona and Ron Armstrong.

Her birth came as a result of an affair her mother had with a married man. When she was born, her mother was already seeing another man who the young Kerry referred to as her “dad” but then her mother would leave him for his father who Kerry called “grandad” at the time. The two later got married but that was not lo last forever as in no time, Katona’s mother left the man for a woman.

She was raised as an only child in a very difficult situation with a mother was depressed and continuously self-harmed until Kerry was 15. Before then, she became her mother’s carer. The Warrington-raised singer had been to four foster homes and attended 8 schools. By the time she was 31, she had already lived in as much as 47 houses, most of which were from her childhood.

After she is all grown, Kerry Katona hired a private investigator who helped her in tracking down her birth father. Unfortunately, a few weeks after she got photos and videos of him, the man died without a meeting between the two. She has half brothers and half sisters through him.

She later dropped out of school and took various odd jobs. In 1998, she became a member of Atomic Kitten which was founded by British musician Andy McCluskey and Stuart Kershaw. Katona remained a member of the group until she left in 2001 after her first marriage. She joined the group again in 2012 before leaving in 2017 after a rumored feud with Natasha Hamilton who remains as the only member of the group together with Liz McClamon.

Shortly after she left in 2001, Katona began appearing in various TV shows including Britain’s Sexiest…, Loose Women, elimiDATE, and Blankety Blank.

In 2005, she has been on different programs including My Fair Kerry and Showbands. She went on to have her three shows on MTV between 2009 and 2009- Kerry Katona: Crazy in Love, Kerry Katona: Whole Again, and Kerry Katona: What’s the Problem? With her audience dropping to a mere 19,000 from a peak of 500,000, she as dropped in 2009.

She also entered some reality show contests including Dancing on Ice Series 6 in 2010 when she paired with Daniel Whiston but was eliminated in the fifth week and Celebrity Big Brother in 2011. She ended the runner up of the show only after Paddy Doherty.

Away from the TV, she has published a number of books including her autobiography, Kerry Katona: Too Much, Too Young (2006) and Survive the Worst and Aim for the Best: How to Get Your Life Back on Track (2007).

Net Worth

From having four sets of foster parents to attending many schools and taking many odd jobs after she dropped out, the pop star has come a long way to success. For all her efforts, Kerry Katona has a net worth that is estimated at $2 million. She made her fortune from her careers as a singer and media personality among other things.

Plastic Surgery

Like everyone else, Katona has her own fears and insecurities. Because of her body, the singer suffers self-hate which has led her to go under the knife as a way of working on her self confidence. She has had more than a tummy tuck in the past after revealing she was tired of tucking her extra skin in her knickers.

Beyond the tummy tucks, she has also had several plastic surgeries in the past including a breast implant, boob lift, liposuction, and a butt lift.

She has also made efforts in losing some weight through fitness activities.

Relationships and Affairs

Kerry Katona
Kerry Katona and Brian McFadden (Image Source)

Katona has been in a number of relationships in the past and has been married three times thus far. The first time she got married was to Brian McFadden whom she met shortly after her career started. They met while she was on tour with Atomic Kitten and only three months later, he proposed to her. They got married in 2002 but by 2006, their marriage was over after separating in 2004.

Her next marriage was to Mark Croft who was a taxi driver in 2007. Their first child together was born only six days after the marriage. The second child came in 2008 and in 2009, the couple separated only to reconcile and finally get divorced in 2011.

In 2014, she got married to a rugby player, George Kay. Although the union produced a daughter, it only lasted until 2017.

From her three marriages, Katona has five children- four daughters and a son but she is still looking to have a sixth. She wants to have many children so that even when she is not there, they can still have each other.

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