Kate Hudson’s Relationship With Owen Wilson – Who Has She Dated Since Then?

When Kate Hudson’s relationship with Owen Wilson began in 2006, a source close to the couple revealed that contrary to what some may believe, it was not just a fling as the Almost Famous actress was very crazy for Wilson who was giving her all the attention she wanted and she was liking it.

What many had come to believe then was that this was going to last and something good may come out of it. However, here is how it went…

Kate Hudson’s Relationship With Owen Wilson

The first time that Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson met was in 2006 on the set for You, Me & Dupree. That was shortly after her marriage to Chris Robinson ended in divorce.

It didn’t take too long for Hudson and Owen to start dating but less than a year later, they were no more together. In 2008, they made an attempt at working the relationship when they started dating again but it was not to last as it ended in the same year. This time around, it was for good.

Months after the breakup, in 2009, Kate moved on to Dax Shepherd and when Owen saw the picture of the two, he attempted suicide. When the news of the attempted suicide broke, Hudson made various attempts to get to see her former boyfriend but his family shielded him away from her believing she was not good for him.

Who Has She Dated Since Then?

Before Kate Hudson’s relationship with Owen Wilson, the actress was once married in 2000. She was married to Black Crowes Chris Robinson after dating for less than a year in 2000. In January 2004, she gave birth to the couple’s first son, Ryder and then in 2006, the marriage came to an end.

Following the end of her relationship with Owen. Kate dated a number of other men:

1. Dax Shepard

Kate Hudson's Relationship With Owen Wilson
Dax Shepard and Kate Hudson (Image Source)

Shepard was the man that the actress went with, in replacement of Owen although the relationship only lasted a short while in 2007. The two did not acknowledge that they had ever dated, but it was their picture together that almost cost Owen his life.

Following this relationship, there were rumors that she dated Baron Davis whom she attended the same high school. However, there has never been any proof that they dated.

2. Heath Ledger

Kate Hudson's Relationship With Owen Wilson
Heath Ledger and Kate Hudson (Image Source)

Hudson was said to have briefly dated the late actor in 2007 before his death in 2008. This relationship was also not confirmed even though she described him as her favorite on-screen kiss.

3. Lance Armstrong

Kate Hudson's Relationship With Owen Wilson
Kate and Lance Armstrong (Image Source)

Former professional cyclist, Lance Armstrong is yet another man that dated Kate. The two became an item in 2008. They began dating when they were having their vacation in the Bahamas.

They were together for only a few months before they called the relationship off leaving many at a loss because of the whirlwind it took when it was still going. Before ending it, they spent a lot of time together including with their children from previous relationships.

4. Adam Scott

Kate Hudson's Relationship With Owen Wilson
Kate Hudson and Adam Scott (Image Source)

The How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days hooked up with Australian professional golfer, Adam Scott in 2009. They were spotted vacationing in Hawaii, but there was nothing tangible that came out from it all as they did not last a long time.

5. Alex Rodriguez

Kate Hudson's Relationship With Owen Wilson
Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson (Image Source)

The Golden Globe-winning actress went on to date former MLB star Alex Rodriguez from May 2009 to December 2009. The first time they met was in 2008 in Miami. That was the year that Alex had ended his marriage with his wife and had started dating Madonna. Although the night the met they flirted with each other, it was until several months later before they began dating.

There are still some that believe the relationship was nothing but a publicity stunt.

6. Matthew Bellamy

Kate Hudson's Relationship With Owen Wilson
Kate and Matthew Bellamy (Image Source)

Since the end of her marriage, the next time that Kate Hudson came close to settling down in marriage was when she met Matthew Bellamy in 2010. By January 2011, it was reported that they were expecting a child together, and in July of that year, their son Bingham was born.

Before the birth, they got engaged in April but they ended the engagement in December 2014, choosing to go their separate ways.

7. Derek Hough

Kate Hudson's Relationship With Owen Wilson
Kate and Derek Hough (Image Source)

And then came dancer, actor, and singer, Derek Hough whom the actress began dating in 2014. They were first spotted when Kate was still with Bellamy. This relationship, like many before it, did not last long.

8. Nick Jonas

Kate Hudson's Relationship With Owen Wilson
Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas (Image Source)

In September 2015, she had a little fling with Nick Jonas who later stated in an interview that they had a very good connection and saw a lot in each other that they admired.

9. Danny Fujikawa

Kate Hudson's Relationship With Owen Wilson
Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa (Image Source)

Danny is the man that Kate is dating at the moment. The two have been together since 2017 although they had known each other since the actress was only 23 and pregnant with her first child. The step-sister of Danny and the actress are said to be best friends. In 2018, the couple welcomed its first child together and the third of Kate Hudson.

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