Eva Mendes’s Relationship With Ryan Gosling: All You Must Know

There are not too many celebrity couples that attract a lot of interest of the media and fans like Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling because of how super-private the couple has been all through the years. In fact, there are times that one can forget in all genuineness that the two have been together for close to a decade and they have children.

Eva Mendes’s relationship with Ryan Gosling has been said to have survived the years while still going stronger with time because of how much the two have tried to put themselves as the emphasis of the relationship instead of trying to show off for the media. While many other celebs flaunt themselves before the lenses of paparazzi, Mendes and Gosling are all private except when it has to do with their career.

Eva Mendes’s Relationship With Ryan Gosling

Eva Mendes's Relationship With Ryan Gosling
Eva Mendes, Ryan Gosling, and their daughter (Image Source)

It was in 2011 that Ryan and Mendes first met while filming The Place Beyond the Pines. The two were first spotted working late into the night in September and then they were seen again at Disneyland having a romantic date. Unlike the elusive pair that we have come to know them as, they were very open with each other, displaying their love with hand-holding and hugs.

In 2012 when Ryan’s mom, Donna graduated from Brock University with a bachelor’s degree in education, Ryan brought Eva to Toronto to celebrate the day with his mother. That was the first time that Eva was seen with any family member of the actor.

By 2013, no one was in doubt that Eva Mendes’s relationship with Ryan Gosling was something already on a serious lane. However, in 2014, there were rumors that the two had parted ways when they were not seen together for a few months. The rumor was soon laid to rest after the actor was seen at Eva’s house.

It didn’t take too long after this that it came out in July that the two were expecting their first child together.  By then, the pregnancy had already advanced and so in September, Eva gave birth to their daughter, Esmeralda Amada. In April 2016, Amada Lee Gosling, their second daughter was born. This time around, everything was kept in secret except for very close friends.

All You Must Know

Apart from the quick timeline on Eva Mendes’s relationship with Ryan Gosling, here are all the other things to know.

1. The age difference

Cliche but true, age is only a number. Gosling was born in 1980 while his better half was born in 1974, which means that there is the age difference of almost 6 years between them.

2. There were rumors in the past that they were married

In September 2016, US Magazine reported that the La La Land actor and Eva had secretly tied the knot in a ceremony that was witnessed by their family and close friends. However, as it would turn out to be, they were not married.

3. They are both family oriented

Inasmuch as they have been together since 2011 and are still yet to tie the knot, as far as it is known, the very cryptic couple is very family oriented. According to Eva, she always prefers to be at home, spending quality time with Ryan and the kids.

4. Eva and Ryan have worked together

While partnering as lovers, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have also partnered as actors. Apart from the first movie that brought them together, they have also worked on Lost River together in 2014.  She played the role of cabaret performer Cat in the production.

The movie which is the directorial debut of Gosling became one of the last major acting roles of Eva. She stated in an interview that for now, she is strictly obsessed with her kids that she cannot tell when she is returning to acting.

5. Home and net worth

The couple now lives in Los Angeles with their two daughters. While Gosling still works as an actor, producer, and director, Eva who was ranked one of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World by FHM Magazine in 2004, 2005, and 2006, is working as a businesswoman. She has her fashion line, Eva by Eva Mendes, which is in partner with New York & Co.

On his part, Ryan Gosling has a net worth that is estimated at $60 million while the net worth of Mendes is estimated at $15 million.

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