Is Chace Crawford in Gay or in Relationship With JC Chasez, Who is The Wife or Girlfriend

Hollywood is that place where you do not get too close unless you are in a relationship. Or that is how the media sees it. That is pretty much what began the rumor about a gay relationship going on between actor Chace Crawford and his former NSYNC’ buddy JC Chasez after the two were spotted in 2008 partying together.

More than once,  the two friends have come out to deny that there is nothing sexual between them, but that did not douse the rumors, leaving some to wonder if there is anything really going on between the two.

Is Chace Crawford in Gay or in Relationship With JC Chasez?

In 2008, Chace Crawford And JC Chasez became the subject of grinding for the gay gossip mill. The two friends got into the situation after the media noticed that they were spending too much time together.

The Dance Crew judge and the Gossip Girl actor were spotted first in Las Vegas before they were seen again moving through the LAX airport security. They were also sighted by the searching eyes of the media sharing a poolside cabana with some of their friends at the Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel where they were seen in different bathing suits before they later changed into casual wears.

Soon, as anyone who is familiar with the entertainment world would expect, the rumors began flying that there was more to their friendship. Of course, there were those who argued that the men were only BFF, but the naysayers insisted that considering the fact that there is almost a 10-year age difference between the two men, the idea of being best of friends is almost unbelievable.

According to JC, he first found the idea laughable because he is straight, but it later became rather annoying as it was “outright stupid” for people to believe something like that. In the same manner, Crawford also denied the rumor.

Who is The Wife or Girlfriend? 

As time has come around to show, Chace Crawford and JC Chasez are not in any relationship, hence there is neither a wife nor a girlfriend. In their separate lives, however, both men have dated a number of women in the past although neither has ever been married.

Chace Crawford Dating

Chace Crawford
Rebecca Rittenhouse and Chace Crawford (Image Source)

1. Shauna Sand: One of the first women ever linked to the actor was the much older actress and Playboy Playmate Shauna Sand whom he dated when he was only 18 in 2003. According to some sources, Sand who is 14 years older than Chace was the first woman he ever slept with.

2. Ashley Greene: Next on the list of the actor was another actress and model Greene whom he dated from 2007 to 2009.

3. Carrie Underwood: At the time when the rumor was raging about the gay relationship between Chace and Chasez, the woman Crawford was dating was country singer and actress, Carrie Underwood. The relationship did not last long.

4. Amanda Laine: In 2011, the actor was linked to Canadian model Amanda Laine, even though their relationship did not last very long.

5. Erin Jill Andrews: In 2012, it was this sportscaster and television personality that became his girlfriend. The general idea was that the two who were first spotted at a Super Bowl event together were beautiful but that did not keep them together for a long time.

6. Rachelle Goulding: In 2013, the former Gossip Girl star was romantically linked to model Rachelle Goulding with whom he remained until 2014 when they ended the relationship.

7. Manu Gavassi and Rebecca Rittenhouse: In 2015, he was briefly linked to Brazillian singer, Manu Gavassi for a short while before later moving to Rebecca Rittenhouse.

The rumors have also linked him to a number of other women including Taylor Momsen, Esti Ginzburg, Bar Refaeli, and Elizabeth Minett.

JC Chasez Dating

Chace Crawford
JC Chasez and Kathryn Smith (Image Source)

1. Nikki Deloach: One of the earliest women linked to Chasez was American actress Nikki DeLoach. They were an item from 1993 to 1995.

2. Bobbie Thomas: In 1997, he got into an on and off relationship with Bobbie which finally ended in 2001.

3. Emmanuelle Chriqui: She became the woman who was claimed to have dated JC from 2001 to 2002.

4. Tara Reid: as far back as 2002 he was linked to Reid. Although the singer insisted they were only buddies but many believed otherwise.

5. Eva Longoria: They two dated in 2004 for close to eight months before allowing the curtains to fall.

6. Stefani Morgan: From 2005 to 2006, the singer got into a relationship with adult film actress Stefani Morgan. However, she dumped Chasez in 2006 because her life on camera was making him jealous.

7. Rachel Sterling: Between 2003 and 2009, the two were said to have dated but years later, no one can say for certain if they dated.

8Kathryn Smith: The ex NSYNC’ star dated Smith for two years before they split and went their separate ways in 2013.

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